In the Garden of Eden, Eve was not Adam’s first wife. She was his second spouse. Adam’s first wife was Lilith, whose descendants live today. For centuries those of the Lilith bloodline have secretly conspired
to undermine the throne of England because virtually all of the British Empire’s rulers have been direct descendants of David, king of ancient Israel.

Kathleen Shidler has been working for generations to thwart the efforts of the Clan of Lilith by protecting the British dynasty which is unaware of her work.

The book shows some of the many examples in history where the Clan of Lilith has attempted to overthrow the British monarchy. A few of these incidents take place during the times of Russia’s Peter the Great and when Imperial Germany was at its zenith just before World War I.

More recently, it is revealed that the Clan attempted to use Princess Di as their pawn. Today, Prince William and Prince Harry are in grave danger.

Wes White enters new territory with his newly-released novel, Clan of Lilith: The Oldest Conspiracy…I read it through in a single sitting and enjoyed Lilith immensely… If you’re looking for something for light reading that’s a little different, this may just be what you’re after.
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