Meet Buckaroo Bob’s Neighborhood


Buckaroo Bob lives on 123 Apple Lane. He is in the second grade. He doesn’t get good grades in school, but he is very kind-hearted little boy. He loves to sing and play the guitar.


Suzie Q lives next door to Buckaroo. They are best friends. She is in the same class as Buckaroo, but she gets straight A’s on all her work. She gets impatient with Buckaroo because he is so trusting of other people.


Miss Nancy lives across the street from Buckaroo and Suzie Q. She enjoys spending time with the kids. She takes them to Wal-Mart. She listens to their problems. She helps them get out of their difficulties. And she always has a Bible lesson to help them avoid problems in the future. Miss Nancy provides the gravitas to the show.


Yankee Dan just moved to Texas from Chicago. He is in the fourth grade and sometimes can be a bad influence on Buckaroo. Yankee Dan sometimes has difficulties adjusting to Texas culture. He thinks the plural for “you” is “you’se.” Everyone in Texas knows that the plural for “you” is “y’all.”


Dr. Nelson is a retired physician who owns a farm and apple orchard a few blocks away. He enjoys sitting in a rocking chair on Buckaroo’s front porch and watching the kids play baseball in the street. He enjoys talking about health food and the Lawrence Welk Show. He encourages Nancy to take an interest in the neighborhood’s youngsters.