Wesley David White is president and co-founder of DCM. He is well-known within the Sabbath-keeping community. Wes’ church history goes back to the 70s when he graduated from Ambassador College in Pasadena and then taught on the faculty.

Over the years, Wes has been active in preaching and teaching. He has spoken in churches all over the US and in Canada. Many of Wes’ messages are on YouTube with thousands of hits. An example is his sermon, The Pre-Flood World, which has so far received about 50,000 views.

With his history in rock bands going back to 1964, Wes has used his love of music to promote the Gospel. He has written many religious songs and has performed in churches and at feast sites for decades.

He and Nancy created and produced the children’s puppet show, Buckaroo Bob’s Neighborhood, where Wes wrote most of the scripts and performed the voices for three of the puppets.

Wes is retired from his career in hospital logistics management. He worked for the two biggest medical facilities in the Dallas/Ft Worth area.

He has also written a religious novel, Clan of Lilith: The Oldest Conspiracy.
Wes and Nancy (along with James and Katie Todd) co-host a Friday evening show called, Start Our Sabbath. The purpose of this Bible-based show is to help Sabbath-keepers begin the Sabbath day on a positive and happy note.

Wes and Nancy live on three beautiful acres in Big Sandy, Texas. He enjoys working on the property.

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